Blessed Solstice

Today is a special Day.

Today is the longest day of the year. The earth is fertile and the sun is giving us the light and energy to move through the year.

Today is a special Day.

Today, four years ago. I sat on a barstool drinking a foamy beer, alone. I had come through a devastating storm of destruction. I was broken and cracked wide open. I had burned bridges and destroyed connections that weren’t true to myself.

I had decided in those previous weeks that I would be alone. I didn’t need anyone and no one would need me.

The bartender informed me that a coworker of my Dad’s wanted to talk to me on the other side of the bar. I decided to amuse myself and see what he wanted. I sat down on a stool across from another customer and continued drinking my beer. The coworker of my Dad’s was too drunk to be coherent so I started listening to the guy sitting across from me. He was telling the bartender about an incident of mistaken lotions. I was trying to discreetly eavesdrop but ended up almost spitting beer across the bar from laughing. We ended up starting to chat and found that we had a lot in common. Movies, guns, music.

The rest you know. I fell in love that summer and have been the happiest and most blessed these last 4 years then I have been all of my 27 years.

I thank Her everyday that I met Grant that Solstice day. He is my everything and we are going to travel this life together, hand in hand.

I love you Grant Werner with all my soul ❤



Solstice Blessings to Everyone!


The photo on the left was taken the day after we met. 🙂



One thought on “Blessed Solstice

  1. Jessica, blessed Solstice to you shining lady. Happy anniversary, your writing here is beautiful. I wish you a day blooming full of love and awe. All light.

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