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Wishcasting Wednesday: What do I wish to Jump in to?

Last week I joined the tribe of  Wishcasters.

Every Wednesday we post to our blogs, we answer a question, and then we all visit each other and leave a comment like “As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you as well.” We connect. We grow. We manifest.

This beautiful day we are asked: What do you wish to jump into?

I wish to jump into Trust.

I’m doing some powerful Soulwork and I am learning how to trust the unknown.

I want to Trust in my art, my relationships, my dreams, my  potential.

I want to Trust that my fears will take me to the other side.

Blessings ❤



Being a Goddess

Being a Goddess….is about Self-LOVE.

Being a Goddess….is about Manifesting Art.

Being a Goddess….is about your SPIRIT….not your religion.

Being a Goddess….has opened my heart to JOY.

Being a Goddess….has given me Women to Circle with.

Being a Goddess….has always been who I am and always will be.

I am a Goddess.



“We stand at the threshold

learning how to be
hard and soft at the same time
How to hold ourselves
and still keep our arms open”

::excerpt lisa kagan,  we’moon

I want more friends. I NEED more friends.
I have friends, but I want more.
I want someone close by that I can annoy when I’m bored.
Grant is my best friend, but I need women friends.
I need a circle of women.
I have the Goddess Circle
But I need more.
I need friendship. I need compassion for all the ‘womanly’ things.
I need a mentor.
I have a mother, but I’m her mother.
I want to dance. I don’t dance alone.
I want to gossip. I hate gossip.
I want to talk about what frustrates me. Face to Face.
It’s too hard to make friends.
I was a Girl Scout leader, but I felt left out. I’m not a mother yet.

I love my friends, but they live too far away for frequent visits.
I feel like we don’t have anything in common any more.

I want understanding.
I need more women in my life.