Letting Go & Getting Messy

Be messy today.

Step outside the lines of yourself and do something that makes you smile.

No matter how big of a mess you make!

I dipped my watercolor crayons in water and drew on myself. 🙂

Not ready to be messy….
start with wearing something mismatched…

I usually wear mismatched socks under my office attire.

Share your photos of being messy on my thatfoxygoddess’ facebook page.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


The Knowing

This knowing is always with me. Things happen and I’m not surprised. Sometimes when it involves someone doing something for me, I feel bad for not being “JUMPING UP AND DOWN” excited. I really am EXCITED, I just knew it was coming. Sometimes I wonder if my excitement starts long before the other people involved know what they are doing.

I wonder if me pushing down the things that are coming are the reason for my artistic blocks.

And because of this pushing things down, I’ve been wanting to strengthen my inner knowing and just let it come to the surface and be released. I’m afraid of what might happen, but it seems to what is needed for me to relax and let go. I’ve wanted more knowledge of intuition and it’s been coming to me in many forms. A dear friend sharing some yummy audio and this….

So a few weeks ago the Great Grant saw a post of a necklace online. It was from the same shop that he had my engagement ring custom made. He asked if I like the necklace and so we went up and I tried it on. I love it and we left the store with it. It looked like a goddess.

I wanted to know more about the stones and started looking it up online.
Here’s what I found…

Prehnite is a stone of unconditional love. Prehnite enhances inner knowledge, showing the path forward to spiritual growth through attunement to divine energy. Prehnite connects the will and the heart. Wear prehnite to strengthen your intuition and recognize truths. Used as a stone of vision, it works well during meditation to access higher levels of awareness, stimulating the third eye chakra. The metaphysical properties of drusy (lower stone) quartz is commonly used for energizing your aura and promoting creativity.

See, I was meant to have this necklace and I love that Grant has the knowing too.

This Knowing. It’s all around me and I’m ready to let it just Be.

New Shoppe

I’ve decided to set up a Shoppe page and I’ve registered for a new domain name.

You can find my blog and shop by going to

I am offering my design skills for those people needing logos and banner images for their blogs and businesses.

I am a bit rusty on my skills so I am charging a minimal fee for the next few months.

Please contact me for details.

Nourishing Recipes

I’ve decided to collect some gluten free, vegetarian and vegan recipes from my friends and feature them on my blog. I’m always looking for something new to try and I’m usually posting on Facebook about what I’m eating.

I’ll post a new recipe everyday for as many days as I get recipes.

I’ll create a recipe book you can download at the end!

Today is a recipe from a dear friend, Maggie from http://www.blissripple.com/.

She is always posting yummy photos of the nourishing meals she prepares for her family.

Harvest Lentil Stew (Vegan & Gluten Free)

Harvest Lentil Stew (Vegan & Gluten Free)
Created by Maggie Bishop 
1/2 C. quinoa rinsed & cooked in 1 C. water until all liquid is absorbed
2 C. Green lentils rinsed & sorted
3 White potatoes small cubed
3 Sweet potatoes small cubed
2 apples small cubed
5 oz. Fresh spinach (1 small bag)
8 C. water or broth (I used 8 C. water, 2 vegan veggie bullion cubes, & 2 T. Miso paste {add at the end})
2 t. Chili powder
2 t. Garlic powder
1 t. Cinnamon
1 t. Paprika
1/2 t. Cumin
1/2 t. Turmeric
1/2 t. Onion
1/2 t. Celery seed
Added after cooking to taste: Braggs liquid aminos, dulse & kelp flakes
(Pressure Cooker)
  • In a small sauce pan cook quinoa until done while chopping ingredients for soup.
  • Rinse, sort & pour lentils into pressure cooker.
  • Cube potatoes, sweet potatoes, apples & add to pot.
  • Add spinach, tear into small pieces if desired.
  • Add spices
  • Add water/broth
  • Stir to combine
  • Bring to pressure, add weight and cook for approx. 8-10 minutes
  • Release pressure via quick release method (run under cold water in sink)
  • Check for desired tenderness of lentils & place back on stove ifnecessary
  • Once lentils are tender, remove from stove, add cooked quinoa, miso (if using) & seasoning to taste: Salt, pepper, Braggs, dulse &/or kelp flakes etc. Stir to combine
  • Enjoy!
Alternative Directions
(Regular Stovetop)
  • Follow directions same as above, bring pot o’ soup to boil, reduce to simmer & all to simmer with lit slightly tilted until lentils & veggies reach desired tenderness, approximately 30-45 minutes.
I enjoy eating this hearty, filling soup over a bed of fresh spinach, with nutritional yeast and braggs sprinkled over the top…
For more recipes like this be sure to visit: www.blissripple.com/nourish-yourself 
Many Thanks to Maggie for sharing this delicious recipe!

2012 Full Moons

I came up with the idea for a Full Moons calendar and made a few the other night. Here’s one you can download and print out. I may add the new moons soon, but wanted share what I’ve made so far!

Here’s a link to the information about what each Full Moon means.




Being a Goddess

Being a Goddess….is about Self-LOVE.

Being a Goddess….is about Manifesting Art.

Being a Goddess….is about your SPIRIT….not your religion.

Being a Goddess….has opened my heart to JOY.

Being a Goddess….has given me Women to Circle with.

Being a Goddess….has always been who I am and always will be.

I am a Goddess.

Blessed Solstice

Today is a special Day.

Today is the longest day of the year. The earth is fertile and the sun is giving us the light and energy to move through the year.

Today is a special Day.

Today, four years ago. I sat on a barstool drinking a foamy beer, alone. I had come through a devastating storm of destruction. I was broken and cracked wide open. I had burned bridges and destroyed connections that weren’t true to myself.

I had decided in those previous weeks that I would be alone. I didn’t need anyone and no one would need me.

The bartender informed me that a coworker of my Dad’s wanted to talk to me on the other side of the bar. I decided to amuse myself and see what he wanted. I sat down on a stool across from another customer and continued drinking my beer. The coworker of my Dad’s was too drunk to be coherent so I started listening to the guy sitting across from me. He was telling the bartender about an incident of mistaken lotions. I was trying to discreetly eavesdrop but ended up almost spitting beer across the bar from laughing. We ended up starting to chat and found that we had a lot in common. Movies, guns, music.

The rest you know. I fell in love that summer and have been the happiest and most blessed these last 4 years then I have been all of my 27 years.

I thank Her everyday that I met Grant that Solstice day. He is my everything and we are going to travel this life together, hand in hand.

I love you Grant Werner with all my soul ❤



Solstice Blessings to Everyone!


The photo on the left was taken the day after we met. 🙂